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Downloadable Forms


Accountancy Board


Please note that Applications for registration as a Certified Public Accountant, a Practising Certificate in Auditing, or for Accounting / Audit firm are not available in downloadable format. You can find these applications in the ‘Online Forms’ page in the left-hand menu.

The following downloadable forms may be submitted by postage mail or by hand. To access forms which can be submitted electronically, please click here. 


2018 Annual Return

2017 Annual Return

2016 Annual Return

2015 Annual Return

2014 Annual Return

2013 Annual Return

2012 Annual Return

2011 Annual Return


Accredited Event Review Form

Complaint Form



Quality Assurance Unit


The following downloadable forms may be submitted by postage mail or by hand. 


Form 1 - Documents and Information List.xls

Form 2 - General Practice Information Form

Form 3 - QA Visit Independence Declaration

Audit Clients List