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Directive 7-The Accountancy Profession (Local Variant Examinations Delegation of Authority)Directive

Posted on: 02/08/2022


Directive 7 - the Accountancy Profession (Local Variant Examinations Delegation of Authority) Directive has been issued by the Accountancy Board.  This Directive will apply to those cases where the academic examination of local variants is required when members of non-Maltese accountancy bodies are to be considered for acceptance for the purposes of the CPA warrant and Practising Certificate in Auditing, the examination of such local variants is to be carried out by the Accountancy Board or delegated by the Board to a national approved accountancy body for accountants in Malta, acting solely or jointly with a foreign approved accountancy body. In instances of joint administration by the local recognised accountancy body and the Foreign Accountancy Body, the local body shall have a full and equal say with the foreign accounting body in the determination of syllabi, the choice of examiners, the standards of examination papers and the academic levels to be achieved by the candidates to be successful in attaining the levels determined to be achieved in these examinations. In the eventuality of disagreement, the matter shall be referred to the Accountancy Board and the ultimate decision with respect to the aforementioned elements, rests with the Accountancy Board. The Accountancy Board may choose to issue further directives regulating the conditions of this relationship. In accordance with sub-article (3) of article 7B of Cap. 281 of the Laws of Malta the Accountancy Board may at any time reclaim these competences on a case-by-case basis.